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Lead Staff

Fabio Candolo
Owner & General Manager

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 5pm - late
Kitchen Opens at 5:30pm
Saturday Brunch 10am - 3pm
Saturday Dinner 5pm - Late



Basta Osteria is the brain child of Fabio Candolo, a Sicilian turned Melbournian with a passion for sharing food and wine.

Fabio appreciates the finer things in life, but his true passion lies with the simplicity of food from his homeland. This is where Basta comes in – translating to “enough”, that is exactly what his Osteria represents. Using only local, fresh ingredients and simple yet creative recipes, the food is humble yet delicious: exactly “enough”. Paired with the exceptionally curated wine list, Basta is exactly what Fabio dreamed of: true Italian food, with just enough flare to fit perfectly into Melbourne’s Fitzroy.

The Basta experience is not just about food and wine however, the staff also are part of Fabio’s vision for what “enough” truly means. A family run place, he is joined by his partner Carrie and a team of friends who share Fabio’s belief that a dining experience only needs the right balance of “enough” vital ingredients to be truly extraordinary.

Fabio wanted to recreate the culinary ethos of his country: flavoursome, homemade food to be shared amongst friends and family. The restaurant’s layout demonstrates this. Spread over two floors, there’s enough room inside and outside for any kind of gathering. There are cosy corners for a romantic evening, bar stools for friends wanting to catch up whilst watching the theatre of our kitchen, and large tables for a big family reunion.


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